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'Orthodox Parea' 

An initiative of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Parish for the youth and young adults of Canberra.

We are all called to be bearers of the Truth. As Christians in the world, we are called to be the light, and witnesses for Christ, that others might come to know Him. Indeed, when people look at us as Christians, they should be moved to feel another sort of reality; a reality that transcends the natural composition of our limited way of being. Of course, the way of a Christian is a life-long journey!

The Parish of St. Nicholas in Canberra extends the invitation to help us on our Christian journey, by announcing the start of the Orthodox young adult fellowship called ‘Orthodox Parea of Canberra’.

The word ‘Parea’ in the Greek culture means a group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences, philosophies, values and ideas. This is exactly what Orthodox Parea of Canberra is about. All are welcome to join, whether Orthodox Christians or non-Orthodox. This is an opportunity to gather and learn about the faith, to share ideas, share experiences, and help each other live Christ-Centred lives.

The treasure of our faith is within grasp and all are called to sainthood; it only requires a little effort on our behalf to accept, learn and practice what has been offered to us.

"Come and see" (John 1:39)

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