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Committee Members


The 2020 Greek Orthodox Community and Church Committee consists of:

  • President:              Mr John Loukadellis

  • Vice-President:     Mr Theo Dimarhos

  • Secretary:              Mr Pana Tsironis

  • Treasurer:              Mrs Yvonne Varela

  • Committee:           Mr John Tzavaras, Mr Stan Piperoglou, Mr Jim Saragas, Mr George Petsinidis, Mr Leon Merkoureas

Membership Applications

Becoming a member
Interested in becoming a member of GOCCC?

Membership is available as:

  • Life member (voting rights)

  • Annual member (non-voting rights)

Membership rules 

Membership rules apply as stipulated under the constitution of the association. A copy of the latest constitution can be obtained from the government agency ACNC ( by searching for our full association name. 

Memberships are only available for individuals and must be over 18 years old. 

Members of GOCCC are provided with the following exclusive benefits:

  • LIFE membership holders can vote at the AGM

  • LIFE membership holders can attend and participate at the AGM

  • All other membership holders are permitted to attend the AGM - However, they do not have voting rights and are restricted in their participation activities at the AGM

How to apply for membership
All applications for membership (or for a change in membership class) must be submitted on the appropriate Application Form. 


Please note, application for membership does not provide you with automatic membership. It is an application for consideration for membership. We are required to verify your application meets all the rules required for membership before you are notified of your application outcome. 

Membership Fees

The appropriate membership fee must accompany the application. Details can be found on the application form. 

In the event that an application for any class of membership is unsuccessful, the membership fee shall be refunded in full. 

It is essential that all information sought in the application form for the membership class being applied for has been provided. Consideration for application cannot be processed if there are missing articles. 

How to submit

Submissions for completed membership forms can be forwarded to the postal address provided on the form or via email to .


Please remember that all applications must be accompanied by the membership fee at the time of submission. 

Annual Reports

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